Corvic Bond Tile


Bundled in an independent expendable can or canister, CORVIC BOND™ is a convenient one-part rooftop tile glue for joining cement and earth rooftop tiles. It is snappier and less demanding to introduce contrasted with conventional connection strategies, for example, screws, mortar, wire ties and clasps.

Insignificant growing CORVIC BOND™ likewise gives more noteworthy connection quality while limiting nail entrances and lessening rooftop weight loads. With its easyto-utilize administering hardware, CORVIC BOND™ can be rapidly and effectively apportioned in an exceptionally steady way, wiping out the requirement for costly gear and proportion checking.


Overall Length 1340mm
Width of Cover 420mm
Roof Cover 0.50m²
Weight 3kg/Tiles
Length of Cover 1280mm
Upstand 25mm
Tiles 2 Pieces/m²